A New Kind of Collaboration

This site, "Modern: the only course that Matters" (mwh.posterous.com) will be a clearing house for all things related to our course. Participation is meant to be spontaneous, frequent, and simple.

In order for you to contribute, simply send an email to: post@mwh.posterous.com from wherever you are: home, school, iPhone, Crackberry, mobile phone. Attach a picture, a song, a video, a document or a link to any of these and the website will take care of the rest.

Posts are moderated by me (Mr > Bolos). What this means is that I will generally approve anything you send that is not offensive or hurts others. I will try to approve posts as quickly as possible -- certainly before class begins each day. Comments on posts are NOT moderated: this is a place for you to exercise your best judgment. Would you say the same thing to the poster in a face-to-face situation?

Check this site every day. I may assign extra credit to frequent contributors.