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How does this shift to a "Digital Nation" compare to the changes wrought by Industrialization? How is the Industrial Revolution similar or different from the Information Revolution? For HOMEWORK, please leave a comment on this post as your reflection on the film.

And/or watch this very short video (1:44), "How do teens do homework today?" and tell us if you think this is an accurate portrayal of your own habits.

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I think that the Information Revolution is sweeping the nation a lot faster than the Industrial Revolution was taking over the world. This is happening because there are a lot more ways to get information and messages across to another area. However, the Industrial Revolution happened in a time when the fastest transportation for messages was people on horseback.
Yes on the homework video. I listen to music. I always have my phone with me when I do homework. There aren't many times where I just sit there and do my homework.
The Industrial Revolution was a major step in the evolution of the American economy and living standard. Without the Industrial Revolution, we would be a third world country, and we would not be as advanced as we are today. Overall, the Industrial Revolution seemed to positively influence our past, present and future lives. Although the digital nation has affected our lives, I believe it has been for the better and the worst of our society. The digital nation has enabled us to work at any point; anywhere. It has also allowed us to exchange messages a lot easier. The digital nation has helped us advance, but at the same time, it does have its disadvantages. I think this shift to the digital nation has affected us negatively and positively, whereas, the Industrial Revolution ended up being one of the best things to happen to the Americas.
The Information Revolution in my opinion, is sweeping much faster than the industrial revolution did. It seems to have snuck up on people how addicted they really are to their technology. While the industrial revolution spread through the entire world, the information revoluton has taken over many countries at an incredible rate. However, there are some positives and negatives to this revolution. On the positive side it is increasing communication and boosting the world's economy as a whole. However, many people seemed to be trapped in the revolution as they are overflowing with the use of so many technologies at once.
Both the Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution profoundly impacted the way humans live today. One commonality between the two is that each quickly became an obsession. With the introduction of many new jobs in factories, people were determined to find work. However, once they found work on assembly lines, they became machines themselves. We saw in the film "Modern Times" when Charlie Chaplin's character acted like he was still on the assembly line even when he had finished work.In the same way, the Information Revolution has turned the internet into an obsession for people of all ages. As new technologies are introduced, people disregard any work they have to do and focus on the new hot technology instead. These revolutions prove that technology can have very positive effects, but only to a certain extent
This shift to a "Digital Nation" has affected our world both positively and negatively. This shift is similar to the time when Industrialization was introduced to the world, but it caused many issues to arouse. Watching this video, it seemed like they were just focusing on the negatives about technology. However, technology is has improved in communication. I think that technology was mentioned originally to help humans improve in business and school. The problem is that people have taken advantage of technology, and are doing things that are a detriment to society. I think the reason why students are such multi-taskers is because of laziness. They just want to get the work done as quickly as possible, so they just automatically do as much as they can at once.
I think the Digital Nation is a positive addition to our world because it opens the door for so many more opportunities and jobs-like the Industrial Revolution. Before the IR, the most common job was to be a farmer, but then things changed and new doors were open. Even though a becoming a factory laborer had its pros and cons, the technology we have today also has pros and cons. My mom always compliments me on how good I am at technology and is impressed of how I learned everything. But she also gets mad at me when I am on my phone at dinner or am ignoring her because I am texting someone. I think the Industrial Revolution and our Digital Nation share many similarities because they both had negative and positive attributes.
And to the homework video.. I always start my homework with the TV on, or the computer near by and with my phone right by my book but I find that I get no work done. I get so distracted by technology, and continue to procrastinate doing my homework until around 9 o'clock-i when I realize I need to go to bed soon and I then zone everything out and I'm motivated and then I get things done.
The Industrial Revolution was a necessity for our country so we could have the strong and powerful reputation that we have, but the Information Revolution helped our country socially improve by making it easier,convenient, and faster.The rising Digital Nation in America is an overall possitive advancement--to an extent of use. Communication has become increasingly easy, making parents able to contact their children via text messages and cell phones. However, the movie was watched focused on the negatives of the rising technological advancements and how it has corrupted some of the children and adult users today. However, if used responsibly, technologically can help in many aspects. For example, with blogs and online-research, children have a desire to do homework and projects as opposed to reading out of a textbook. Yes, iTunes, Facebook, and online games can be a distraction, however the possitives of the technological advancements outweigh the negatives. Like Gabrielle said, my mom is also amazed at the technology we use at school or what I am able to do with my phone and computer. It's the way our society has progressed, and it would only make your life easier if you are caught up on the newest trends of technology. Both Revolutions made and immence impact on society, economy, and means of production. However, the greater impact was the Industrial Revolution because it jump-started the United States' economy, reputation, and ideas to improve.
I think that the information revolution has swept the nation much more faster than the Industrial Revolution. It is amazing how much time we, as a society, spend on the internet these days. During the Industrial Revolution, the main way to get your information was through horses, newspapers, and boats. Now, you can receive all the information you want, at any time. If you wanted to connect to somebody, who did not live close to you, you would send a letter that would take weeks to be received by the other party. The Digital revolution has changed the process of connecting with other people from weeks to seconds. Now, you can video chat, IM, email, text, and call to who you want to talk to, and when you want to do it. The Digital Revolution gave us these luxuries that have managed to make a negative mark on society today. People today are trapped inside these given luxuries. It is weird seeing my dad, who grew up not having the luxury of having a cell phone, text me with acronyms like "lol" or "g2g". This new revolution has spread across the nation like a disease. My little sister, who is in 3rd grade, has friends who have cell phones and are on Myspace. It seems impossible for any human being to escape this disease. This revolution has made multi-tasking seem like the normal thing to do. I walk through the hallway and manage to listen to my I-pod, text my friends, while not running into anybody else. This revolution is both a pro and a con to todays society. It is intimidating thinking what it will be like thirty years from now, if we keep advancing in technology at this rate.
The Digital Nation that is our world today, has developed a façade that falsely portrays a positive impact when in reality its affect is very much that of a negative one. Children in 3rd and 4th grade already have cellphones. Teens are constantly on aim or facebook. Adults have become addicted to their emails and more importantly their work, which they are almost never separate from. What provides this constant need for communication among one another? The dependency, that we as a people, have developed on technology is unhealthy and impairs our daily work habits. I must admit that I too have fallen accustom to these ways; facebook every night, phone always in hand. But something I have recently observed is that my sister, who recently gave up texting for lent, has gone from getting her homework done in 4 ½ - 5 hours to 2 ½ - 3 hours. Her work load has not been modified at all but instead she is better able to maintain focus rather then the constant distractions from others. The industrial revolution drove our country to develop our economic stature in the world today and to become the world force that we are. The technology that has evolved from the informational revolution is largely from other countries therefore, not advancing our country.
The biggest difference to me between the information revolution and the industrial revolution is the way that people interact with each other. Ironically with all the technology and ways to communicate with each other, it feels like we're all growing even further away from everyone else while in the industrial revolution people were truly more social and connected. The two revolutions are both very similar in the way that they are created so that people can become more productive. However the need to be productive has taken over and transformed the way that people interact with each face to face. One woman in the video who was holding a digital meeting said that that method of communication will soon become the most common way of holding professional meetings. While this way may be more convenient I hope that we all still value interacting with each other in the real world. Productivity in someone's profession shouldn't outweigh their real world interaction with friends, family and society.
I think that the new “Digital World”, is having a profound impact on our world. The studies that were undergone in this film have very interesting results. I think it is ridiculous that kids have actually died from playing too many video games. However, this age of electronics is affecting all of us. While it is nice to be able to stay connected with friends, I agree with Frontline when they said our brains may start evolving to be rewired. I have noticed that I think in short bursts now because of the internet and other digital things. I will write a paragraph and then take a break and as a consequence, my paragraphs will not be connected. The Digital has definitely caused some disadvantages but the amount of positive impact it causes greatly outweighs the negative.
I could not really relate to the film that much. When I do my homework, it needs to be silent with no distractions. I turn my phone on silent or vibrate and rarely check my facebook in the middle of completing homework. However, sometimes I will use technology as a motivator to complete my work. For example, I'll tell myself that after I finish my math homework, I'll check my facebook or phone before I start another assignment. In terms of people becoming addicted to technology, I can not relate. For me, having a cell phone and a facebook is an added privilege to my life. It is not something I feel compelled to check and constantly be connected to. I do not understand how people spend multiple hours playing video games or on social networking sites. I think that the movie had a bias in favor of the negative sides of technology. Of course people can form bad relationships with their computers, however technology enables us to be more connected to each other and information easier to access, making people smarter. The good side of technology overrides the bad. I think that the movie would have been better if it show places in the world where technology is not available and how their lives are different. I dislike the idea that technology has mixed home and work together. I think that once the work day is over people should not be contacted by co-workers or bosses. The Industrial Revolution is similar to the Informational Revolution because they both made products and information easier to access. They both have positive and negative aspects to them. In Industrial revolution, products are made in mass quantity with little quality. In the Informational Revolution, information is more accessible however people can form unhealthy relationships with the internet. Both revolutions brought people together and more connected.
The Industrial Revolution and the Information Revolution are very different. The Industrial Revolution created jobs, created matieral items, and changed the way the world was. The Information Revolution has let information easier to access, increased communication and also changed the way the world was. The world has been changed by both of these Revolutions, however I agree with the video when it says that the new wave of technology is getting out of hand. Seeing the gaming areas in South Korea, and the gaming conventions did not seem like progress to me. The gaming places in South Korea are not healthy places for people to spend a lot of time in because it is so unrealisitic. It distracts people from their work, school, and family for a game. The gaming convention also did not seem healthy. The people who are so deeply engrossed in their games are missing out on the real world. Adventure is not only in video games. If a game is needed to have fun and adventure then they need to rethink the way they look at the world. Although the Information Revolution has helped us connect with people it is also taking a step too far.
This film really made me recognize how our society is dominated by technology in every aspect of every day life now. People rely on technology for almost everything, and I feel like we put too much faith in a risky thing. I found it interesting how brain activity was so much higher when on the computer as opposed to when reading. I never would have thought that to be true, and the fact that it is raises many thoughts. Over many years, this could drastically change the way that we as humans are. The fact that humans may one day be born with the knowledge of how to type and how to browse the internet makes me think of what advances the world will experience throughout our run with techology.
I could relate to this video, because when I do my homework I often get very distracted by my computer. I really could relate to the student who was talking about being in the middle of writing an essay and then get distracted by facebook or something else online. I thought it was really interesting and kind of weird that people that played world of warcraft felt closer to their friends from it than their real friends. I also thought it was strange that people got married to people they had met online. It kind of makes sense, since online, it's all about personality and not about looks or who you're friends with. However, they could be someone totally different than they say they are. They could pretend to be a young woman when really they're an old man.
I believe that the information revolution affects people in a more negative way than the industrial revolution did. The movie showed that people are loosing the ability to have relationships. It showed that with the boy who played to many video games and his mother. Also the reality games like second life and WOW are taking the place of human interaction. It makes actual face to face conversations useless. This is an important skill to have and an important one to keep. Also the multi tasking portion makes it so people cannot focus on one thing. people are to busy with 4 or 5 things to put a good effort into one. this, like the industrial revolution, leads to more quantity of things but less quality. I know this is true because when i do my home work, i have my music playing, my facebook open, and my phone in my pocket. Although i am able to finish my home work, i found that it is of much better quality when i turn all of my distractions.
I think that the industrial revolution and the information revolution are very simmilar to another because they both opened new oppertunites for the people living in them and i think it is just building opon wht we are given at that time like new machines and factories were being designed then so they used those now technologies like the computerand stuff have been made so we have jobs that fit that and the main similarities are that they both just make quality and ms production or ease betterfor mankind
Also the other video. i some what agre with her like i listen to my ipod and i txt while im doind my home work but I think she took it too far she was like well then i do this then i go outside then i tell my family to be quite then blah blah blah and she took it way to far
i would say that the studies that are being done now really only put themselves out there for a certain group/class of people and as of now it really only addresses the act of teenagers/young adults aging anywhere from as young as 5 to as old as 30 because the tecnology has not been around for long enough to have older generations get assosiated with it making the study really one sided. overall do i think that the internet revolution has been more beneficial or negative to ones education i would have to say it is more beneficial jus tbecuase of the inforation that is provided with the process is enlightening
The Industrial revolution was more of a physical change then the Information revolution. While the INR (Information Revolution) has changed the lives of some people physically, such as the kids that spend all of their time in the internet cafes, its has not completely changed the way business is done or affected objects and their production as much as the IDR (Industrial Revolution) did. The INR affected our minds by granting us easier sources of information and allowing us to meet each other when we never would have, while the IDR affected our bodies and the physical world we live in.
I personally think that the Information Revolution (IR) has a greater affect on our society than the Industrial Revolution did. The Information Revolution caused us to be addicted and obsessed with technology. Digital Nation showed the loss of connection in relationships. An example of this was the kid who ignores his mother and just plays video games. The movie also showed how technology is taking over our lives and replacing them. Examples of this are Second Life and World of Warcraft. Furthermore, Second Life removes the face-to-face relation that a business or office needs. This used to be an important skill in businesses. Digital Nation and the other video both show that teens in this day in age are able to multi-task easier. For example, I am currently commenting on this video, on The Facebook, listening to my Itunes,texting ,and checking my Email. While doing all of these things, I can still finish my homework. I experimented with turning off all of these things and I found myself more distracted.
I think that the movie is similar to the Industrial Revoulution. There are people in the Air Force who uses computers to drop the bombs, who really don't need fighting skills or defense skills or need to know what to do when they panic or anything, all do is click and then whatever was there is gone. This is kind of like how in the Assembly Line there were mostly unskilled workers.
This is very similar to the or industrial revolutionbecause they don't needto be skilled at what they are doing.
I think that the industrial and informational revolution are similar because they both shrunk the world. They both brought around new technologies that help communication from far away places easier. Also, they both can be very helpful and amazing things if used the right way. If companies are responsible with the industrial revolution and treat their workers and the world correctly it can be a very positive change. This is similar to the information revolution because it can be an amazing thing to be able to connect with people and the world easily and quickly. However, this also takes responsibility to not over use them and become too connected.