How to share your Final Exam

Hi all,

I'm about to get on a plane for Washington DC in order to testify at the Library of Congress for an issue involving the U.S. Copyright Office. I realize that the timing is not the greatest, but this is important work that will help K-12 students all over the country, and YOU helped contribute to this with your work in Modern last semester.

My access to the internet will be minimal, so I can't promise I'll be responding to emails in a timely fashion, but keep adding your comments to the exam post and share your knowledge with your peers. You should remember that this is not a competition. Feel free to share your VoiceThreads (in progress) with your entire class (period 8 or 9) so that others get a sense of what you are attempting to do.

If you have any ideas for the grading matrix, please add your comments to that post as well. Here's how to SHARE your VoiceThread with me. Unfortunately, the VT site doesn't give you any feedback beyond highlighting my avatar. Watch carefully:

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