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Learning these new facts, I begin to wonder, if there are proven facts that races are not divided by different bones, or skin color, or eye shape, than how and why did it start in the first place? The world made assumptions that people were built differently based on race, and it brainwashed people into believing stereotypes. There are no signs of distinguishing characteristics in our bodies that divide races, so how can so many wars, fights, and controversy occur because of what our eyes tell us and not evidence? Unfortunately, rascim exists today. But, I think that if the news that races do not mean genetic differences, spread, racism would decrease. In reality, we all look different, but we are all built the same.
I was surprised learning that modern society has not been active long enough, therefore not being able to evolve subspecies or races. I think that in today's society we have separated ourselves by subspecies or races. The first thing you notice about someone is their race. No one admits that, but we all do it. I do not agree with that that slide has to say, because today's society is doing clearly that; separating themselves into races and species.
I am very suprised that many people think that there is no such thing as race. Whether aware or not, I feel that race affects ones daily life and it is ignorant and naive to dismiss the idea of different races. None of the facts on pbs.com truly suprised me. However I agree with the fact titled 'Colorblindless will not end racism'. I think that people need to acknowledge different races and cultures with an opened mind instead of stating that race does not exist. The first step to create equality is to be aware of the differences between us. However, the differences between humans are very small and there are much more similarities. For example, most humans want to live violence free, send their kids to a good school and be able to provide for thier families. These similarities make humans much more alike than different.
The whole topic of race seems very uncomfortable to talk about. People nowadays will just judge someone by their appearance. The idea that people are so similar, yet so different is something worth considering. Biologically, we are all similar. However, since we look so different on the outside, it seems like we are all actually different. Looking at this scientifically, it seems like the question is whether or not race really does exist, and what exactly is race?
I believe that race is more of an idea that society has developed, then it is something scientifically proven. I think people use "race" to judge and stereotype others, and it has become a bigger issue then it should be. Nowadays, it seems that people define race in different ways and uses it as an excuse or reason to like/dislike/or discriminate someone else. "Race" has been developed to categorize kinds of people to such an extreme, that i dont believe it is healthy and has taken a negative toll on society.
I am very surprised with the first fact listed. The fact that Race is a modern idea. I never thought of that. That ancient society's had other ways to group or divide people. I wonder when the Idea of race emerged and overtook the old ways of grouping people such as religion, language, class, and status. Also is it a good or bad thing? i believe that it is a bad thing. Today people are judging people based off the first thing they notice, skin color. This is not good because Skin color has nothing to do with the kind of persons someone is or how they might act. I believe that society shouldnt have to group people together at all. Why does everyone have to belong to a certain group. They shouldnt, we as a society should just get to know people instead of judging or grouping based on a physical trait.
I was really surprised to learn that there is more variation within one race than between multiple races. We are brought up to think that there are 5 or 6 "main" races, and that you would associate with only one of those races. If you were Caucasian, for example, you would assume that you had the most in common genetically with another Caucasian. However, this theory proves there is no reason for discrimination against another race because when it comes down to it, you may have more in common with someone of that other race than someone of your own race.
While looking at this website I found the Race Timeline to be the most interesting. The timeline states that race began around 1676, only 334 years ago. Looking at history as a whole 334 years is not a long time, and I am suprised that racist ideas only began then. The fact that I found most amazing on this timeline occurred in 1616. This event was when Pocahontas married John Rolfe. The timeline says that it was not a scandal because they were different races, but because they were different classes (Pocahontas a princess and John Rolfe a commoner). This made me think that the Disney version of Pocahontas may be racist in saying that it was in fact because of Pocahontas's race.
I was surprised by "Most Variation is Within, Not Between 'Races'", because most people would think that they are more closely tied to or more genetically linked to a person of the same color as them. However, this said that in races there's more difference between two people of the same race than of someone from one race to the other. This means that people feeling perhaps more "bonded" to someone that's the same color as them, it doesn't really make sense. Their genetic traits could be way more similar and closer to someone of a different race.
I found the genetic facts about race to be the most interesting. I always thought that what race you were determined what color skin and hair and shape of body you have, but apparently they have no affect on these characteristics. I'm not sure if I completely believe this fact, because it seems like the body types and characteristics of certain races are much different than that of others. I would like to see a study of the attributes of one race against a different one and see if this holds true.
I was really suprised at a couple of the facts that were stated by this website. For one, i was suprised when it said that no one race has been enslaved for any physical characteristics. This didnt make sense to me because blacks were enslaved because of their black skin. I dont know why this website would say this when its obviously not true. Also, it seemed as though this website was biased. It was stating that race is not determined by physical characteristics but by society. This seems to be more of an opinion to me than a fact. Overall, these facts opened my eyes to a lot of things.
I thought it was interesting that in number 8 it said that "of the small amount of genetic variation, 85% exists within any local population, be they Italians, Kurds, Koreans, and Cherokees. Two random Koreans are likely to be as genetically different as a Korean and an Italian." I totally agree with this. Race is based off outside appearances and it's just an excuse to pin point the differences between people from a different ethnicity, religion, etc.
Expanding on what Tammy said, it was interesting to me to see that humans have not been on earth long enough to develop subspecies. I don't think that human subspecies will ever arise. Because of ease of travel these days, an Asian person can meet and have kids with perhaps, an American person. The idea of race is just something that I can't wrap my head around. There are so many different perspectives on it that it is mind boggling.
what suprised me a little bit was that pretending that race doesnt exist is not the same as equality. I thought that if you take the skin color out of the equation and judge someone on who they are rather that what they look like, that it is equality
I agree with most of what this is saying, however i find this article a little naive. It is making it seem like humans should be able to weather we see race or not. I sadly disagree. I think weather we like it or not we still notice people's skin color and physical traits. I also think that subconsciously we are judging people off of it. Even though this is human nature, i still think that the world is moving in the right direction, because people are beginning to see past race more, and can start to see with the person. I remember when Obama was elected, i saw an older Black lady talking about how she never could of imagined this day would come. Although too much is still judged on race, and i believe its in our human nature to group people by easy ways, the right steps are being taken to undermine it.
I was not all surprised by most of the facts except that two Korean people are as genetically different as a Korean person and a Cherokee person.
I found two things rather interesting. One, that there are no subspecies. This is because it contradicts what you were explaining to us earlier today in class about how there are 5 races with the sub-races off of it. Also that "colorblindness will not end racism." I feel like a lot of the time people try to think that if they don't acknowledge the difference in skin tone than discrimination will not exist. If we don't acknowledge the classification then it will disappear. However, it does not work this way and race continues to be this omnipresent force controlling society
Looking at this article, one thing that truly surprised me was the first fact about race. It talked about in ancient times they didn't classify people by the color of their skin but by their social status and religion. It is suprising to see that seperation of people based on their physical characteristics is a somwhat new way to classify people in the world. This made me believe that while it is human nature to classify people, it is possible for humans to prevent jumping to conclusions about stereotypes based on the color of their skin.
The fact that surprised me was #8- "Most variation is within, not between races." I find this shocking. I do not understand how two people can look so similar but have such different DNA and then have two people look so different but have such similar DNA. From a scientific aspect it changes the way I look at what race is because if it is scientifically proven that everyone is underrated the same, then race only exists simply by what society defines it as.
After reading through these comments, one of them really stuck in my head. Fact number seven is called "Skin color is only skin deep," not only is this a catchy title but it also had a lasting impression on me. Most people today would try to guess a person's race based on the color of there skin, but this fact is proving them wrong. The color of one's skin does not telling you anything about that person's DNA, eye color, hair color, etc. I really thought that this quote was very shocking and showed how the definition of race is not always what you can see at first glance.
I think #1 that race is a modern idea left the biggest mark on me. It's one of things that I didn't really realize until I saw it written down and then I agreed. Although before in time people were servants and serfs it wasn't because of how they looked but where they stood socially or even where they lived but still not necessarily what race they were or what race people thought they looked like.