Napoleon and the Political Spectrum

Using evidence from the film, handouts, and your textbook, place Napoleon Bonaparte on the political spectrum of the French Revolution. Yes, there is a good chance this could be an essay question.

Thinking about Reed's excellent point in class today, you are allowed to use any model you wish: 

  1. The Political Spectrum
  2. The Political Compass
  3. The Political Horseshoe

We will write the essay in class this Thursday (our test day). Since we are practicing the writing process, you are allowed to bring in whatever sources you deem necessary. Just make sure you have decided what your thesis will be. Everything flows from that. And remember to use examples that are specific, not general and vague!

    Modern Conferences

    Because the next two weeks are going to be very busy for me (presenting at ICE and CUE, if you're interested), it's very important that we connect on an individual basis, as I promised at the beginning of the new semester. I have tried to reserve as much time in my schedule to give you help in writing and revising your latest essay. You can also talk to me about whatever else is important to you, in or outside of class.

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