While I was looking for a video or song that would relate to the topic we have been studying (Gandhi), this one was particularly interesting to me. I think it relates to Gandhi's ideas on technology and how future generations would rely too much on technology. In Gandhi's Hind Swaraj, he talks specifically about technology and how it will affect society, "Men will not need the use of their hands and feet. They will press a button and have their clothing on their side". To me, this seems very unrealistic, but it is obvious that he believes technology will be so advanced that it could even get to this stage. I think the song "Technologic" by Daft Punk relates to this for a few reasons. The lyrics of this song are mostly just words/verbs-- like "save, send, click"-- which makes me think of computers, cellphones,and other advanced technology and how these actions are done on a daily basis when we, as a society, use our technology. Also, the music video is based off of robots, and no humans, which is a symbol of technology. Right now we don't have robots like that, but you never know!