The Final Exam

Here are the “deets”:

  • Thursday, June 7th
  • 8:00 am
  • Rm 445 (both periods 8 & 9)


The requirements:

  • Tool = VoiceThread (shared with me by 6/6)
  • Method = M/5 commenting, only (audio)
  • 2-3 minutes MAX (per student)
  • No limit on # of images


The assessment:

  • A narrated visual response to your Cold War Reverse DBQ (any aspect)
  • Evaluation based on: 
  • 1) Strength of narrative analysis
  • 2) Strength of image selection

NOTE: This assignment was more or less borrowed (stolen?) from Mr. Benjamin Yang. "CHARACTERS" ARE NOT FICTIONAL. THESE ARE HISTORICAL FIGURES.

Questions? Complaints? Comments? Leave below in the comments.


10 responses
Do we work with the partner we had for the DBQ, or is this an individual work?
It's up to you, Ruthie!
Time of the exam has been corrected, thanks to "Eagle Eye" Kevin!
Since we will be submitting our project's prior to the date of the examination, and will have recorded our comments via VoiceThread, will we be giving a verbal presentation of our project to the class during the time of the examination as well? Or will we play what we have recorded on VoiceThread?
It's just a big playfest! I might ask a couple of questions for clarification, but otherwise, this should be standalone.
Under requirements it says there is a two minute maximum, but then within the document it says 2-3 minutes per group member, what should the length be?
2-3 minutes per group member. This might change if there is a significant need. As more people prepare I would like to hear about your progress so that I can adjust the time upward.

But keep in mind that this assignment is NOT as epic as the Rev DBQ you just completed. It's supposed to be a BRIEF, but dazzling response; a true demonstration of how your analytic and visual skills have evolved over the entire year. No pressure :)

Quick question: is a bibliography required?
@Noor: very good question. Yes, please turn in a paper biography with your names on it when you enter the exam period.
We're focusing our story on the Miracle on Ice hockey match between the US and the USSR and how it demonstrated a broader conflict.

How about you guys :)

ps- Alex and Amanda- tell us what you're doing (for the benefit of the class) ;)