The Return of the Matrix

If we assume that the X-axis will be populated by:


What will be the criteria along the Y-axis in assessing your final exam project?

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The three categories could possibly be strength of analysis, quality of imagery. The last section, maybe the degree of how informative or accurate it is.
I agree with the first two categories that Ben described. Perhaps the third category could be something to do with the clarity/self-sufficiency of the entire recording? That is to say, how easy it is to understand without any explanation outside the narration of the VoiceThread.
I agree with Brian on this one. I think those criteria make sense and are fitting with the assignment.
- Relevancy of images: quality of images, does image tell a story? good image choices, how does image add to the story

- Design of the Voice thread: Information given in a way that it can be comprehended by the audience; does it keep everyone stimulated? (anyone asleep?)

-Story Telling ability. Do the images and the words tell a story that the audience can take an idea or concept away from?

1) Visual
-How effectively do the images chosen support the thesis of the presentation?
-How clearly is the information on the slide presented to the viewer (good design, no bullets or large paragraphs of text)?

2) Audial
-How well is the argument articulated through the Voicethread comments?
-How well does the comment stream carry from one point to the next via M5 commenting?

3) Mental
-How well is the balance between visual and audial stimuli maintained to avoid cognitive overload?
-How well does the presentation answer the presenter's DBQ through a narrative argument complete with a thesis, evidence, and closing?

1- How well pictures prove our argument
2- How well do we support our argument through our pictures
3- Overall, how well is our presentation put together
1. Images (quality, variety, creativity)
2. Flow (story, relevance)
3. Effort! (so everyone can get an A :D )