Elizabeth I of England - Absolute Monarch?

In case you missed class on Thursday, here are the three clips we viewed from the film, Elizabeth, starring the exceptional Cate Blanchett. Think about how you could use evidence from this film to inform a compare/contrast essay on absolute monarchs. NOTE: there is no assignment here except to watch these clips if you were absent. A slightly different assignment is forthcoming.

The DMCA Experiment

Hi all,

Thanks to those of you who have already commented. Remember that this is a voluntary assignment, but also that your honest responses will go a long way toward helping K-12 educators and students across the entire country. This material will be shared in a hearing before the Librarian of Congress next month, so please make sure you are comfortable having your comments viewed by others.

Please make certain you view at least ONE of the clips in its entirety. This is critical because the method by which I captured the film might vary in terms of length of the clip. Answer either one of the following questions:

  1. What challenges (if any) did Elizabeth I face as a ruler compared to Louis XIV?
  2. To what degree was Elizabeth I an absolute ruler?

If something seems difficult to view or hear, make a short note of it. If there's seems to be part of the film missing from what we viewed in class, make sure you note that as well. Meaning, you might find that part of the clip you saw in class is missing from the online version of the same film. Don't go overboard here. Just try your best to complete the assignment.



If your link does not work, please check your NTHS VoiceThread account.

Absolutism Essay Prompt


Using the rule of Louis XIV (and perhaps his predecessors) as a model of absolutism, compare and contrast one other European monarch of your choice.

Your essay should be no longer than 4 pages, and include no less than 4 sources (both primary and secondary). Wherever possible, privilege primary over secondary sources, and quote only what you are prepared to explain.

Here is a link to some additional sources, provided by the NTHS Librarians.