Industrialization Essay Prompt -- crowdsourced

So often in a history class are we asked to provide answers, like a game of trivial pursuit. But I am reminded of this quote by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner from Teaching as a Subversive Activity:

Once you have learned how to ask questions —- relevant and appropriate and substantial questions —- you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning whatever you want or need to know.

Consider all we have encountered in this unit on Industrialization, including the following:

  • Romanticism
  • Development of the factory system
  • Effects of industrialization (including Modern Times)
  • Responses to industrialization (including Marx)
  • Contemporary labor practices (Apple and Foxconn)

Could you compose an essay prompt (argumentative) that would encompass all or part of the above content, allowing the writer to incorporate a variety of primary and secondary sources?

Make your submission HERE. Due Friday.

Essay Prompt - Industrial Revolution

In The Communist Manifesto and other works, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels sketch out a framework of both history and prediction, arguably influenced by the harsh realities of the 19th Century Industrial Revolution.

Considering the actual course of industrial development in the West, the varied effects of industrialization, and the intellectual and legislative responses to this revolution, to what extent did the historical reality of the past two centuries conform to Marx’s writings?

Use a minimum of five sources in a well-structured, cohesive and coherent essay. Privilege primary over secondary sources, and direct quotes over paraphrases.

Industrialization & Marx: Initial Attempts

Thanks to Kelly F for this idea.

I have included ALL of the drafts covered in BOTH periods 8 & 9 for your perusal. Please note my comments above each draft so you can differentiate between the stronger and weaker examples.

Remember, even if your style of writing is not as sophisticated as some of these, your essay can be just as strong, if you are a clear communicator of ideas.