The Final Exam

Here are the “deets”:

  • Thursday, June 7th
  • 8:00 am
  • Rm 445 (both periods 8 & 9)


The requirements:

  • Tool = VoiceThread (shared with me by 6/6)
  • Method = M/5 commenting, only (audio)
  • 2-3 minutes MAX (per student)
  • No limit on # of images


The assessment:

  • A narrated visual response to your Cold War Reverse DBQ (any aspect)
  • Evaluation based on: 
  • 1) Strength of narrative analysis
  • 2) Strength of image selection

NOTE: This assignment was more or less borrowed (stolen?) from Mr. Benjamin Yang. "CHARACTERS" ARE NOT FICTIONAL. THESE ARE HISTORICAL FIGURES.

Questions? Complaints? Comments? Leave below in the comments.


How to share your Final Exam

Hi all,

I'm about to get on a plane for Washington DC in order to testify at the Library of Congress for an issue involving the U.S. Copyright Office. I realize that the timing is not the greatest, but this is important work that will help K-12 students all over the country, and YOU helped contribute to this with your work in Modern last semester.

My access to the internet will be minimal, so I can't promise I'll be responding to emails in a timely fashion, but keep adding your comments to the exam post and share your knowledge with your peers. You should remember that this is not a competition. Feel free to share your VoiceThreads (in progress) with your entire class (period 8 or 9) so that others get a sense of what you are attempting to do.

If you have any ideas for the grading matrix, please add your comments to that post as well. Here's how to SHARE your VoiceThread with me. Unfortunately, the VT site doesn't give you any feedback beyond highlighting my avatar. Watch carefully:

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Final Exam Update

Hi all,

I just got back but I have been trying my best to answer all of your email queries. Here is an update that will help us all. Please let as many people know as possible. Feel free to forward my emails to your peers if you think it will help them.

  1. The due date for turning it in was intended to prevent technological issues from causing panic during the actual exam period. I will not have any time to troubleshoot whether or not you shared it correctly with me or why your audio will not play, because I have to grade these quickly and during that time. Please do not email me to see if you shared it correctly – you should watch the screencast or get help from the tech staff.
  2. The “due date” is actually a “share by date”. I will not check anything except to see that you have SHARED it successfully. Although I don’t recommend this, you can continue to work on your VoiceThread all the way up to the exam period. It doesn’t matter how early you shared it.
  3. Please name/rename your VT by period and first name(s), but do include a title “slide” if possible. See below:


P.S. The Modern Matrix:

After looking at the comments left on the blog, I realized that everyone who left a comment was pretty much on the same page. So I just re-worded your suggestions.

Keep in mind that if you use fewer images, the "balance" between narration and analysis will shift toward analysis; whereas, if you use dozens of images, the balance will shift toward narration.


Click the above image for the full text of the speech I read in class on the last day -- I promise you it's worth your attention. It was an honor teaching and learning with you this past year. RELAX this summer a bit -- I know I will!

Please keep in touch. I will update you on the Library of Congress decision once it is rendered. To model what I preach, I plan to be involved with various projects both related to and away from school over the summer. Here's a sampling of some music-related activites:

"LAWLESS" (a song I recorded for some friends)

THE DETRACTORS (a band I play on and off with)

Latest tracks by The Detractors

Take care,

Mr > B